Wednesday, May 13, 2009

They should have never put her in the water, if they didn't want her to make waves.

Miss Opposite Marriage, I mean Miss California . . . I think she is misunderstood, kind of like the way Tom Hardy was misunderstood.   I recognize there are a lot of differences between the two.  She is a beautifully poised, silicon filled beauty.  He likes to clean himself with an old damp microwaved towel.  She likes Jesus.  He likes Pittsburgh and booze; however, there are many, many similarities between the two.  They both, oddly enough, often find themselves in situations where their chests are exposed.  

Although never confirmed, if I had to guess I would bet that they share the same views on gay marriage (Tom Hardy is a straight meat and potatoes guy), and they both stick headstrong to their beliefs.  

Tom Hardy was a man that didn't care about popular opinion.  He listened to his gut, even though everyone thought the Polish Hill Strangler was already caught, he knew the murderer was still out there and that it was a cop, a cop who killed his father Vince Hardy!  He ignored all advice, threats, physical acts of aggression, etc., and listened not only to his gut but his heart.  I think everyone can agree, all in Pittsburgh are safer and wiser for it.  

Miss California is also listening to her gut, her heart, and possibly her fake titties, and she too is here to bring wisdom and safety to all that listen to her message. 

The moral of the story, don't limit yourself to beauty pageants when trying to save your fellow man.  Get a drinking problem, buy a boat, and stop showering. Maybe the message of Miss Opposite Marriage would have been better received if she lived the Tom Hardy way.  

The Kernel 


Peaks and Gutters said...

Strong use of the screen shot.

And I like that Striking Distance is emerging as a theme. Maybe you guys should start using tags. Striking Distance might be the most frequent tag.

Mount Washington Brain Trust & Pipe Club said...

Tags, that might take awhile, it took long enough to figure out the links and how to post photos. Baby steps. The MWBT&PC is not the most computer savvy group.

Heath said...

I love the pics!

How do you do that? I want a full tutorial! Great post by the by.

I'm working on an Eddie Eiler idea. Maybe I'll get that up soon.

Kara said...

I told Evan last night that I think there is a lot we can do with Eddie Eiler. Maybe a whole series. Maybe even a completely different blog. His character is very deep.

Heath said...

A whole other Blog!

Actually I would love to write one about Brion James who plays Eddie Eiler. He has since passed away, as have a number of other Striking Distance actors. The Striking Distance curse should be another topic, or at least a "where are they now" segment.

Mario said...

Come on guys, let's keep this blog PG-rated...