Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Oh, no you don't

In delayed response to the post noting that "Duquesne Heights resident" Robert Frank never tried to meet you, I would like to say that Robert Frank tried, and actually succeeded, to meet me. And if the implication was that you would have liked to have met him, the answer is no, you wouldn't have.

He knocked on my door and bumbled about being inspired by Obama, wanting to change something, and being against pay raises. That was the platform, as best I could tell, pay raises. Not only was the issue dumb, but the outrage was soooo lame.

So, I hereby declare, be glad you did not meet the Duquesne Heights resident.


Kara said...

when did this happen? crazy!

Heath said...

What he is too proud to drink with a dead man?

Or ummm... I mean, visit Olympia Street?

Kara said...

i love how you have taken to the blogging.