Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sotomayor = So to-tally awesome!

Though I feel like we've become a bit political, rather that Pittburghical lately, I can't help but comment on the choice of Sonia Sotomayor for Supreme Court Justice.

This lady is smart.  She's Puerto Rican.  She's worked her way through good schools, Yale Law being the premier law school in the country, as well as serving on a number of judicial levels.  She's absolutely a good pick, serving to break the old white male stranglehold on the nation's highest court.

My only issue with her ensuing nomination, is I think she's the second best choice.  If I had my say, I too would nominate a strong smart Puerto Rican female, (though I prefer those actually raised on the Island) with a law degree from Yale.  But not Sotomayor.  I would nominate this lady...

Come on!  Not only does she have all the qualifications, but she's also kick-ass hot and can salsa dance like she's on fire. 

Obama's been good so far, but he just slightly missed the mark on this one. 

Who's the best cop now?

by Lord Johnson


Heath said...

How long 'till she makes me take this down do you think?

Mount Washington Brain Trust & Pipe Club said...

I think this should come down to whether Sotomayor is better than Lady Rivera at dominoes.

Kara said...

She obviously hasn't checked the blog. Keep it up until then. But yeah, she will definitely make you take it down.

Heath said...

OK, she saw it, but if she wants it taken off, I'm gonna make her do it herself. Ha. It was funny talking with Lady Rivera's Mom. She was pleased with the Sotomayor pick, but was a little disappointed that Lady Rivera wasn't the first Latina nominated to the bench. And she meant it!

Lady Rivera said...

A domino showdown would be awesome! Sign me up. In the meantime, really? We can't do any better than this picture. Seriously?

And yeah, my mom meant it. She's a sweetheart. =)