Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sotomayor = So to-tally awesome!

Though I feel like we've become a bit political, rather that Pittburghical lately, I can't help but comment on the choice of Sonia Sotomayor for Supreme Court Justice.

This lady is smart.  She's Puerto Rican.  She's worked her way through good schools, Yale Law being the premier law school in the country, as well as serving on a number of judicial levels.  She's absolutely a good pick, serving to break the old white male stranglehold on the nation's highest court.

My only issue with her ensuing nomination, is I think she's the second best choice.  If I had my say, I too would nominate a strong smart Puerto Rican female, (though I prefer those actually raised on the Island) with a law degree from Yale.  But not Sotomayor.  I would nominate this lady...

Come on!  Not only does she have all the qualifications, but she's also kick-ass hot and can salsa dance like she's on fire. 

Obama's been good so far, but he just slightly missed the mark on this one. 

Who's the best cop now?

by Lord Johnson

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Oh, no you don't

In delayed response to the post noting that "Duquesne Heights resident" Robert Frank never tried to meet you, I would like to say that Robert Frank tried, and actually succeeded, to meet me. And if the implication was that you would have liked to have met him, the answer is no, you wouldn't have.

He knocked on my door and bumbled about being inspired by Obama, wanting to change something, and being against pay raises. That was the platform, as best I could tell, pay raises. Not only was the issue dumb, but the outrage was soooo lame.

So, I hereby declare, be glad you did not meet the Duquesne Heights resident.

Georgia on my mind

With the election results tallied in Pittsburgh's 2nd district city council primary, we find that our beloved Georgia Blotzer
failed to unseat the "interim" council person Theresa Smith.
Theresa Smith won the position during a special election just a few months ago.  In that special election Smith was able to run as the Democrat while Georgia had to label herself Independent.  Believing this to be handicap, Mt. Washington residents eagerly awaited the rematch where both candidates would have the label of Democrat.  

Alas, Georgia won a respectable 33% of the vote, in the three-way race.  Smith won with a solid majority however over the unknown newcomer Robert Frank, whose name sounds like it was made up by witness relocation professionals.  

Georgia made a solid run, though I missed her constant presence outside the polls.  It makes sense that she was probably stationed outside of other polling places where she is less well known, but her smile and spastic energy were absent in Olympia Park this day.  It hardly felt like a real vote without Georgia standing out front.  I hope she takes another go at public office in the future.


In other election news, Luke "Steelerstahl" Ravenstahl won handily with 59% of the votes.  Dowd placed second with 28% and underdog Carmen Robinson pulled in 13% of the vote.  By all accounts turnout was pretty low.  And the first full-term election of Luke has been met with little fanfare and fair amount of consternation.  His road is still not entirely clear as he will have a host of competitors in the fall including some Republican I don't know and the son of Steeler great Franco Harris,  Franco "Dok" Harris.  Name recognition might make this an interesting race, though Lynn Swann didn't do so well in his state-wide campaign, and he was an ACTUAL Steeler instead of the son of one.  

oh yeah...

Go Catch a FISH!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Pittsburgh's 2nd District City Council Endorsement

With only hours until voting begin in our fair metropolis it is time that the Mt. Washington Brain Trust and Pipe Club makes its endorsement for our city council seat.  

As a resident of Pittsburgh's most altitudinaly elevated neighborhood I've had many long debates about who deserves to represent the fine people of "Da Mahnt."  In Distric 2, Mt. Washington often has little pull, as it shares this district with adjacent neighborhoods.  But in this election we have two candidates who are current residents of Mt. Washington: Georgia Blotzer of Chatham Village and Robert Frank of Duquesne Heights.  

I've known Ms. Georgia for some time.  Anyone who has ever voted in Mt. Washington probably has run across the spritely red-head on election day.  As the polls open she has for years greeted constituents with an eerily unwavering cheeriness and unfathomable vigor for various Democratic candidates.  During the 2008 Presidential Election she maintained her presence from the opening of the polling station in Olympia Park to its close.  All day, without even a cup of coffee.  

Robert Frank lives in Duquesne Heights.  I know nothing of him.  I can't believe he never even once tried to meet me.  {What?!  I know people!}  But the fact that people still persist in calling the upper portion Mt. Washington "Duquesne Heights" drives me crazy.  I find it unnecessary and counterproductive.  Its not like it has some separate neighborhood feel or culture or anything. There are no stores, or bars (except for the Eagles club).   No one can even tell me where Mt. Wash ends and Duq. Heights begins.  And trust me, I've asked!   Its just a way for those fancy restaurants to separate themselves from the Mt.'s minority population.  

Actually I'm not so fond of Georgia living in Chatham Village, though either.  Its yet another divisive housing complex refusing to participate with the rest of the neighborhood as productive citizens of Mt. Washington.  I think its pretentious and poorly designed.  But I actually like Georgia enough.  I do find her never-ending exuberance to be a bit tiring at times, but such vim and vigor is quite a positive trait for a politician to have.  I don't know how well her social skills would translate on the floor of the city-county building, but I know she would be a strong and tireless advocate for Mt. Washington.

She was part of the teacher's union, and understands the struggles that working people deal with.  She has also worked for the Democratic Party for years, and even participates with Mt. Washington's CDC.  The Post-Gazette even endorsed her.  And Tony Norman works for the PPG, and he's awesome.

Therefore, I endorse Georgia Blotzer for City Council.

oh... and who's the best cop now?!?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

YouTube Test Blog

In a continuing effort to make the blog hip with the technology n'at, I'm doing a test blog and attempting to embed a YouTube video onto the blog.  If successful, I see the MWBT&PC taking advantage of all the wonders YouTube has to offer.  Here is a personal favorite . . .

Whoops, I almost forgot about the commitment to the theme, here is another video worth viewing . . .

Special Thanks to Peaks and Gutters for the tip.

Pipe Von Pipenstein

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

They should have never put her in the water, if they didn't want her to make waves.

Miss Opposite Marriage, I mean Miss California . . . I think she is misunderstood, kind of like the way Tom Hardy was misunderstood.   I recognize there are a lot of differences between the two.  She is a beautifully poised, silicon filled beauty.  He likes to clean himself with an old damp microwaved towel.  She likes Jesus.  He likes Pittsburgh and booze; however, there are many, many similarities between the two.  They both, oddly enough, often find themselves in situations where their chests are exposed.  

Although never confirmed, if I had to guess I would bet that they share the same views on gay marriage (Tom Hardy is a straight meat and potatoes guy), and they both stick headstrong to their beliefs.  

Tom Hardy was a man that didn't care about popular opinion.  He listened to his gut, even though everyone thought the Polish Hill Strangler was already caught, he knew the murderer was still out there and that it was a cop, a cop who killed his father Vince Hardy!  He ignored all advice, threats, physical acts of aggression, etc., and listened not only to his gut but his heart.  I think everyone can agree, all in Pittsburgh are safer and wiser for it.  

Miss California is also listening to her gut, her heart, and possibly her fake titties, and she too is here to bring wisdom and safety to all that listen to her message. 

The moral of the story, don't limit yourself to beauty pageants when trying to save your fellow man.  Get a drinking problem, buy a boat, and stop showering. Maybe the message of Miss Opposite Marriage would have been better received if she lived the Tom Hardy way.  

The Kernel 

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


We have the technology!

The Links section has finally been updated. It was sad for all involved to see the link to Google News get the axe, but the time had come for change.

If you ask me, the new Links section really ties the Blog together; however, you did not ask me, so I'm just telling you as much.

At this time we have very few friends, but the ones we are now linked with are some of the best we know of in our very limited knowledge of the online world. Also, if you have a minute, take a gander at the Striking Distance link. It will bring a chuckle for some, a tear for others, and potentially introduce a few people to an amazing new world with finite possibilities and limited potential.


Finally, due to a lack of alternative motivation or interest, a theme will be followed for a period of time, the length of that period of time is yet to be determined, but given the theme, it will be amazing, albeit finite and limited. You probably think that the theme somehow involves using too many commas, you are wrong , , , ,

Hope she floats.