Monday, May 18, 2009

Pittsburgh's 2nd District City Council Endorsement

With only hours until voting begin in our fair metropolis it is time that the Mt. Washington Brain Trust and Pipe Club makes its endorsement for our city council seat.  

As a resident of Pittsburgh's most altitudinaly elevated neighborhood I've had many long debates about who deserves to represent the fine people of "Da Mahnt."  In Distric 2, Mt. Washington often has little pull, as it shares this district with adjacent neighborhoods.  But in this election we have two candidates who are current residents of Mt. Washington: Georgia Blotzer of Chatham Village and Robert Frank of Duquesne Heights.  

I've known Ms. Georgia for some time.  Anyone who has ever voted in Mt. Washington probably has run across the spritely red-head on election day.  As the polls open she has for years greeted constituents with an eerily unwavering cheeriness and unfathomable vigor for various Democratic candidates.  During the 2008 Presidential Election she maintained her presence from the opening of the polling station in Olympia Park to its close.  All day, without even a cup of coffee.  

Robert Frank lives in Duquesne Heights.  I know nothing of him.  I can't believe he never even once tried to meet me.  {What?!  I know people!}  But the fact that people still persist in calling the upper portion Mt. Washington "Duquesne Heights" drives me crazy.  I find it unnecessary and counterproductive.  Its not like it has some separate neighborhood feel or culture or anything. There are no stores, or bars (except for the Eagles club).   No one can even tell me where Mt. Wash ends and Duq. Heights begins.  And trust me, I've asked!   Its just a way for those fancy restaurants to separate themselves from the Mt.'s minority population.  

Actually I'm not so fond of Georgia living in Chatham Village, though either.  Its yet another divisive housing complex refusing to participate with the rest of the neighborhood as productive citizens of Mt. Washington.  I think its pretentious and poorly designed.  But I actually like Georgia enough.  I do find her never-ending exuberance to be a bit tiring at times, but such vim and vigor is quite a positive trait for a politician to have.  I don't know how well her social skills would translate on the floor of the city-county building, but I know she would be a strong and tireless advocate for Mt. Washington.

She was part of the teacher's union, and understands the struggles that working people deal with.  She has also worked for the Democratic Party for years, and even participates with Mt. Washington's CDC.  The Post-Gazette even endorsed her.  And Tony Norman works for the PPG, and he's awesome.

Therefore, I endorse Georgia Blotzer for City Council.

oh... and who's the best cop now?!?


Chris Peak said...

Well done. Now just tell me that you're not voting for Luke. I don't think that's too much to ask.

Mount Washington Brain Trust & Pipe Club said...

Mt Washington ends at the left hand side of Olympia Street if you're facing Olympia park. The right hand side of Olympia is where all the hoity-toity Duquesne Heights residents reside in their regal residential residences.

Heath said...

Suck it, Captain!

Mt. Washington ends where I SAY it ends!

Go Up There! Go Up There!

... spaghetti n' meatballs...

Go Up There!

Pipe Von Pipenstein said...

How about I give you one more POP!!!

Anonymous said...

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