Tuesday, May 12, 2009


We have the technology!

The Links section has finally been updated. It was sad for all involved to see the link to Google News get the axe, but the time had come for change.

If you ask me, the new Links section really ties the Blog together; however, you did not ask me, so I'm just telling you as much.

At this time we have very few friends, but the ones we are now linked with are some of the best we know of in our very limited knowledge of the online world. Also, if you have a minute, take a gander at the Striking Distance link. It will bring a chuckle for some, a tear for others, and potentially introduce a few people to an amazing new world with finite possibilities and limited potential.


Finally, due to a lack of alternative motivation or interest, a theme will be followed for a period of time, the length of that period of time is yet to be determined, but given the theme, it will be amazing, albeit finite and limited. You probably think that the theme somehow involves using too many commas, you are wrong , , , ,

Hope she floats.

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Peaks and Gutters said...

I put up a link to the Pipe Club on my blog, and I chose the feature where it shows when the last post was made on each linked blog, so the periods of inactivity on this blog will be documented.

Then again, I've never known any of you to be motivated or affected by shame, so it's a futile effort.