Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Georgia on my mind

With the election results tallied in Pittsburgh's 2nd district city council primary, we find that our beloved Georgia Blotzer
failed to unseat the "interim" council person Theresa Smith.
Theresa Smith won the position during a special election just a few months ago.  In that special election Smith was able to run as the Democrat while Georgia had to label herself Independent.  Believing this to be handicap, Mt. Washington residents eagerly awaited the rematch where both candidates would have the label of Democrat.  

Alas, Georgia won a respectable 33% of the vote, in the three-way race.  Smith won with a solid majority however over the unknown newcomer Robert Frank, whose name sounds like it was made up by witness relocation professionals.  

Georgia made a solid run, though I missed her constant presence outside the polls.  It makes sense that she was probably stationed outside of other polling places where she is less well known, but her smile and spastic energy were absent in Olympia Park this day.  It hardly felt like a real vote without Georgia standing out front.  I hope she takes another go at public office in the future.


In other election news, Luke "Steelerstahl" Ravenstahl won handily with 59% of the votes.  Dowd placed second with 28% and underdog Carmen Robinson pulled in 13% of the vote.  By all accounts turnout was pretty low.  And the first full-term election of Luke has been met with little fanfare and fair amount of consternation.  His road is still not entirely clear as he will have a host of competitors in the fall including some Republican I don't know and the son of Steeler great Franco Harris,  Franco "Dok" Harris.  Name recognition might make this an interesting race, though Lynn Swann didn't do so well in his state-wide campaign, and he was an ACTUAL Steeler instead of the son of one.  

oh yeah...

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Chris Peak said...

I am inclined to believe that the late endorsement of the Pipe Club contributed to the lack of votes Georgia amassed. Maybe if you guys would have endorsed her earlier, she might have gotten more support.

At the same time, I'm thinking there was a conspiracy at work with the whole "slate card controversy." I think it was a Theresa Kail-Smith worker handing those out, trying to get caught so it would be a news story, thus making Blotzer look worse on Election Day.

Or it could just be that you lazy asses waited too long to issue an endorsement.

Heath said...

Alas our last minute endorsement was supposed to provide that final push in the closing hours of election eve.

Too bad Peak's the only person who actually reads the blog.

I was a bit confounded by the "slate card" issue, but had not considered the "Smith controversy" possibility. Which seems more credible as I think about it, being that she already tried to write herself off as the PPG's endorsed candidate... hmmm....

Chris Peak said...

Heath, I figure since you're the only person who reads my blog, we have something of a symbiotic relationship going. Unfortunately I wasn't permitted to vote in District 2.