Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Best Cop Poll Results

Again the poll has been pirated.

Who is the Best Cop Now?
Tom Hardy- 11%
Jimmy Detillo- 0%
Emily Harper- 11%
Nick Detillo- 0%
Eddie Eiler- 66%
Vince Hardy- 11%

So Eddie Eiler is single handedly voted as the Best Cop Now. (Thanks Pipe Von Pipenstein.)  This despite him being a mediocre detective, who obviously ignores facts and evidence,  and never nabbed the Polish Hill Strangler.

Tom Hardy, the clear choice for Best Cop Now, received only 11% of the vote.  This despite actually nabbing the Polish Hill Strangler [P.H.S.], and ending the fight by actually saying "Who's the Best Cop Now?" before tasering him in the mouth.

Nobody voted for Jimmy Detillo, despite his numerous utterings of the phrase.

Emily Harper, a.k.a. Jo Christman received 11% of the vote.  In all fairness she is key in nabbing the P.H.S.  She is also really good at racial profiling.  Though her relationship with Tom Hardy is a bit questionable, since she is supposed to be investigating him.  

Uncle Nick received no votes.  Too bad.  Great Mustache!

And Vince Hardy received 11% of the vote.  He did have an opportunity to take down the P.H.S but was cut down in the prime of his life before he had the chance.

Eddie Eiler!?!  Really?  

"You cheat good."
            ~Tom Hardy

by Lord Johnson


Kernel said...

I just wanted to say that I never had a chance to vote because SOMEONE (Pipe Von Pipenstein) kept voting on our computer and therefore I was not allowed to vote due to the one vote per IP address rule. Not sure how the Captain was able to keep voting because he swears up and down that to vote twice would be 'unethical.'

Lord said...

I'm wondering if a certain Pipe Club member doesn't deserve a censure. We've successfully implemented one before.

Maybe that should be our next poll?

Lady said...

Questionable? Her relationship questionable?! That is commitment to the job right there. How else would she get him to trust her? She got in a position of trust with the suspect that no one else had.

She is definitely the best cop now!!!

Kara said...

"She got in a position of trust" - Yeah, on her back!

Professor Emeritus said...

This all depends on your definition of "now." Keep in mind, Striking Distance was made in 1993 when Bruce Willis was approximately 38 years old. If by "now" you mean 2009, that makes Tom Hardy about 54 years old and most likely winding down to retirement.

However, Tom Hardy-Harper Jr. is now 16 years old and I understand he's joining the police academy after high school. He might not be the best cop now, but his pedigree suggest that someday he will be.

Mount Washington Brain Trust & Pipe Club said...

Hmm... little girl Hardy-Haper (I'm ashamed I don't remember her name) would make a great cop!

I smell sequel!