Monday, August 24, 2009

Poll Results

The Mt. Washington Brain Trust & Pipe Club was polled:

Which victim of the Polish Hill Strangler was most tragic?
Arlene Dunn- 0%
Cheryl Putnam- 14%
Paula Puglusi- 0%
Constance (Connie) Cabrizi- 57%
Kim Lee- 28%

Striking Distance fans have voted! And the overwhelming result (or poll tampering on the part of Pipe von Pipenstein) is that flight attendent and former love interest of Tom Hardy, Constance "Connie" Cabrizi was believed to be the most tragic of the losses incured by the notorious Polish Hill Strangler in the blockbuster action-drama-mystery Striking Distance. Strangely, she only appears twice in the film, once when being pulled from the river, and again in an autographed photo, which is a tad strange because she was a flight attendent. How come none of my flight attendents nor love interests ever get me autographed photos? (Sally Wiggin aside.) The overwhelming support of "Connie" from our voters was likely due to the tearful reaction of our protagonist Tom Hardy. He knew the other girls that he pulled from the icy embrace of Pittsburgh's waterways, yet had the most emotional response toward Constance. She must have meant something special to him. He even called her "Connie."

Not surprisingly Arlene Dunn received no votes.  She was an indentified victim of the Polish Hill Strangler's first wave of terror. She did not physically appear in the film, though Sally Wiggin does mention her.

Cheryl Putnam, received a small portion of the vote, most likely due the graphic protrayal of her kidnapping while being taunted by a remote-control Police Car and listening to the 1966 hit "Little Red Riding Hood," by Sam the Sham and the Pharohs. This opening scene fades out as her lifeless body is thrown over damn number 6 on the Allegheny River.

Paula Puglosi received no votes. This is awfully surprising because she is one of the only victims with lines in the film. Struck down by that dastardly TASER after leaving her nursing shift, she never even made it to the Bucco's game.

Kim Lee rightfully received 28% of the vote. Her character was developed to a minor degree, and had some great one-liners ("kinda like when you turn it off;" "Not what you'd expect;" etc.) Her death raises some questions like, did she at one time have a relationship with Hardy? This is much debated amongst Striking Distance Scholars.

Thanks for voting (not poll tampering). A new poll will go up later this week, and suggestions for future polls are appreciated.

"He's putting them in the water so I'll find them! He wants ME to find these girls!"
~Tom Hardy

By Lord Johnson


Lady said...

Of course she had a relationship with Hardy. Why else would she be dead? Although one hopes Kim Lee would have known better, every woman has dated the wrong guy every once in a while..Plus did you see the pure pain in Tom Hardy's eyes when he sees Kim Lee. It's heart wrenching.

Lord said...

That's true. Hardy has perhaps the most heartbreaking response to the discovery of Kim Lee's body. I'm surprised she didn't earn more votes.