Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rapid Fire Pittsburgh News

One Man Saves Freedom
A Uniontown Bald Eagle (with the very original name "Freedom") is saved from fishing line.  Read it here.

That sure does HERT!
A 22 year old Mt. Washington man is arrested and charged with 100 counts of graffitti... including some on MY GARAGE!  His tag "HERT" will hopefully apply to his sentencing.  That'll teach him.  Read it here.

Arlen gets a facefull of this guy.  

He really likes the current Health Insurance system.  Click on the photo to see how much.

Cylcists v. Casino
Bicyclists hate to walk.  That's why they took the Rivers Casino to task.  Don't worry, Luke will fix it.  All you have to do is tell on him.  Read it here.

"Is there some meaning in all of this?"
~Tom Hardy

[Dude!  Check out the sweet Striking Distance scene illustrated by Mario Zucca @  That crazy cat and his fish breath!  Oh, Bob.)

by Lord Johnson


Lady said...

Do you think Arlen Specter is wondering if a Senate seat is worth a face full of that guy? I know I would...

Cranky Pants McGill said...

Complaining about someone tagging your garage makes you sound like an angry grandpa after drinking whiskey all day. Those nights, grandpa didn't tell us about the good old days, and we were all worse off for it.

I for one support youthful rebellion in the form of graffiti art. Who is it really hurting I ask you? Eh, my property value went down slightly, wah, wah, wah.

Then again, if tagging were legal, then it wouldn't be any fun for the taggers, so I guess angry grandpas keeping graffiti a punishable crime actually keeps the whole thing interesting.

I really learned something in the course of writing this post. Grandpas don't get the credit they deserve, in song lyrics or otherwise.

evan said...

Is there any way to have both the poll and the links to other blogs and websites? I only ask because I used to use this blog as a jump off point to go to Chris's blog and Mario's page.

Kernel said...

Interesting that Evan posted just 2 minutes after Cranky Pants McGill. What a coincidence . . . .

Lord Grandpa said...

I'll see if I can rework the links onto the main page (not like Peak posts anymore anyway.)

And, Grandpa I may be, but I'll tell YOU about the good ol' days. Back then we used to catch those taggers by the ear and have them publicly flogged. The Judds never mentioned that in their song, but I'm pretty sure thats what they're talking about.