Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pittsburgh Villain: Mary Worth

So my campaign to bring Pearls Before Swine to the Sunday Comics Page of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette newspaper has so far been unsuccessful.  We at the Mt. Washington Brain Trust & Pipe Club have long complained about the continued presence of strips such as Mary Worth and Rex Morgan M.D. in the comics page.  Meanwhile the humorous and irreverent social commentary on the lives of a Pig, Mouse, Crocodile and ‘Zeeba,’ as scribed by Stephan Pastis, fails to make the Sunday cut. 


To quote Harry Liller “I’m amazed at what goes on!”

Mary Worth is boring.  And Pearls Before Swine points this out in wonderful fashion in today’s strip [July 21, 2009.]  Enjoy. (or click on the comic to have a link to the daily Pearls Before Swine site)

Ha!  He puts her in a closet!  That mouse is crazy!

So come on Post-Gazette!  Drop Mary Worth, and replace it with Pearls Before Swine. 

By Lord Johnson


Kara said...

seriously? a blog about the sunday comics? i really need to start blogging.

Wanders said...

Pearls Before Swine is very funny. But Mary Worth is much, much funnier.

Lady said...

Ok, this is getting ridiculous. Since when did we become a legitimate blog that gets illegitimate comments from strangers? Illegitimate comments from members I get, but strangers?

So I'm going to put it out there:

1) Mary Worth is funny? Wait, more importantly, Mary Worth is supposed to be funny?

2) Chocolate is clearly not the best ice cream flavor in the world. It's just not.

Lord Johnson said...

1) I too never realized that Mary Worth is supposed to be funny. It makes me dislike it even more.

2) I personally love the comments of the non-Brain Trust members, and encourage them greatly, (even if they do like Mary Worth and chocolate icecream.)

3) All Mt. Washington Brain Trust & Pipe Club members are encouraged to blog when ever they want. But until you do, I'm going to keep doing it. So there.

Mount Washington Brain Trust & Pipe Club said...

Ok, I read Wanders' Mary Worth blog. He has a wonderful appreciation for mary Worth, that I think is more than a little mocking. I laughed a few times reading through it.

What's scary, is that the folks who comment on his blog are very serious about Mary Worth. They are like people watching the Colbert Report because they hate the liberal media.

Anonymous said...

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