Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Ranting and Raving

1. First, a rant against the driver of bus 31D - a bus that is part of the same public transit system that insists on increasing my fare 1000% every year (mild exaggeration). Mr. Crazy Bus Driver, I do not like being scolded. Especially if I'm being scolded because I look like what must be another incredibly hot girl living in the greater domain. Allow me to elaborate:

Me: Does this bus stop at the incline?

Crazy Bus Driver (CBD): Does this bus stop at the incline?

Me: Um, yes. The incline?

CBD: Does this bus stop at the incline?!

Me: (puzzled look)

CBD: It stopped there last night didn't it?!

Me: Um...

CBD: You asked me the same question last night!

Me: Uh, I didn't take a bus last night. I walked.

CBD: HA! (And not an I'm-being-funny Ha!, it was a yeah-right-you-LIAR HA!)

Me: (stunned)

I'll be honest, it takes a lot to get me stunned. Especially silent and stunned. But in my defense, the guy looked like a loon, and the whole thing was a little surreal. And now that I got over being stunned, I would like to say that I do not pay a million dollars a month (slight exaggeration) to be yelled at by a Crazy Bus Driver! Thank you.

2. On to the rave- no amount of hassle by a crazy bus driver can diminish the joy I experienced today from eating at the Chicken Latino in the Strip District. It was DELICIOUS!!! Soooo delicious. The chicken was fantastic and the sweet fried plantains were out of this world.

With food like that one, this city must truly be the Most Liveable City in the Universe! (Way better than chocolate ice cream.)

By: Lady Rivera


Lord said...

That's the best dialogue this blog has ever seen!

I can picture it so vividly!

Awesome to see some fresh blood in the sacred digital domain.

Mount Washington Brain Trust & Pipe Club said...

What!?! No Striking Distance quote?

kara said...

i didn't realize this was a ranting blog. i have several rants to make. first one - why does every freaking hick in meadville have a siren on their truck? they are NOT all firemen or police. Was there a sale at walmart on car sirens? and just when are they using these sirens? all of these and many more questions have been on my mind lately in regards to the hicks with car sirens . . .

Lady said...

huh. That is very bizarre. Is it even legal to use a car siren if you're not emergency personnel?