Friday, July 10, 2009

Details of a Boat Jump

It warms the ol' pipe tobacco that there are other admirers of Striking Distance out there.  I found this website that goes into great detail about the boats (Chris Craft Capris) used in the filming of the movie and some great little tidbits about the dramatic boat jump scene near in the final chase sequence.  Did you know they actually had multiple boats take multiple jumps off of Dam #6 on the Allegheny River?  I sure didn't.  But I'm so glad I know now!

Enjoy this site at called Century Classic Power Boat,  (I'm a little jealous we didn't call our site that actually) at

"Come on, Tommy,  are you mad at me?...  I shot my dad."
~Jimmy Detillo

(Can this be!?! More amazing Mario Zucca Striking Distance Art!  My pipe tobackee can hardly believe!  Check out more of his stuff at

By Lord Johnson


Lady said...

Did you see that after the second jump the boat split open?! That would have been an even better moment in the movie if Jimmy and Tommy had to jump out of sinking boats to fight each other.

I always thought the ending of that movie needed a little more action, maybe some more fight scenes....

Lord Johnson said...

That's true! A broke boat would have made for a sweet scene.

Though actually, the jump does cause a hole in Detillo's boat in the movie. Jimmy tries to plug it by impotently covering it with his foot as water sprays everywhere. That's the reason he eventually pulls to the shore instead of driving his boat the whole way down the Ohio, into the Mississippi and into Gulf of Mexico. (Also that would have been a really long chase scene.)