Friday, June 19, 2009

Pittsburgh Hero: Harry Liller

Living in the Best City in the World, it is no surprise that we have our fair share of Heroes and Villains.  One Hero recently brought to my attention by Kelly, Miranda and Vanessa (Thanks you gals, even if you don’t live on the Mount) is Mr. Harry Liller of Ruxton Street in Mt. Washingtion.  He is a veteran of the Marines from a long line of servicemen and women in the employ of the United States Military.  In his own words:

“My uncle got the Silver Star on Okinawa. He took out a Japanese machinegun nest on his own. He got half his skull blown off... My family saved the Liberty Bell from the British. My family was at Andersonville and helped draw out the Code of Conduct. My uncle was at Pearl Harbor and fought all the way to Okinawa and this is how we are treated.”

      But to really get the feel of Harry Liller I recommend you watch these links.  These are films of Harry exerting his right to three minutes of public comment at Allegheny County Council meetings.  They are no less than stunning…

Harry Liller talks about race (I think)

Harry Liller talks about Mayoral corruption (I think)

Harry Liller riffs on April Fools Day

            I am so intrigued after seeing him on film.  My only thought now is that I must meet this man.  My new task will be to interview Harry Liller for an exclusive Mt. Wash Brain Trust & Pipe Club expose called “ The Scourge of City Council.”  (its a working title… I’ll take suggestions.)  

            I think Harry speaks well enough for himself, so I’m going to refrain from too much comment until I get to meet the man, but discovering this individual brings two thoughts to mind.  1)  I can’t believe I’ve never spoken at a city council meeting and 2) I hope Harry keeps it up.

 "Because I'm the most stubborn person in this county and I'm pretty sure Dan Onorato is the second stubbornest person in this county."  

On that reccomendation I may do a write up on "Big Dan" Onorato next.  For just one more taste of the Liller experience, below is a link with most of a previous rant, though with some great shots of council members listening/trying not to listen to Mr. Liller.  Its probably my favorite.

Here it is.

"Maybe you need a drink to ease the pain of being wrong?"

-Tom Hardy

by Lord Johnson


Lady Rivera said...

I would very much like to know who are these non-Mt.Washington "gals" that Lord Johnson is publicly thanking in a MWBT&PC blog. I've certainly never met them.

Lord Johnson, I await a response.

Lord Johnson's Publicist said...

Ummm... Lord Johnson can not be reached for comment. He is currently backpacking on the Appalacian Trail.

But you can forward your message to Argentina... I mean, Eastern Kentucky...

Lady's hitm, I mean, friend with a gun said...

The Appalachian trail is a very, very dangerous place indeed. Hikers die there every year...sometimes their bodies are never found.

I'm just saying.

Anonymous said...

Have you actually tried to listen to the content of Liller's rants? The man is not healthy. It's sheer paranoid delusion. Instead of trying to make him into a populist hero, you need to show a little intelligence and understanding of his all-too-obvious condition.