Monday, June 22, 2009

A Sad Day in da ‘Burgh

Today, Monday June 22, 2009 is the last day that Iron City Beer will be brewed within the confines of our fair city.


Former County Exec Jim Roddey glooms and dooms the possibility of the City/County merger.

The Pittsburgh Pirates, or ‘Rats’ for short, are at their season lowest mark, at eight games below .500. 

There’s no more hockey on TV until next season.

I shaved my Mustache this morning.

And now some punk town in the mountains of Puerto Rico, Cayey (Rhymes with “Hi, eh” for those of you Canadians in the audience) is challenging Pittsburgh as the Best City in the World.  As shown by the garbage can below…

Ok, not the world, but Cayey, never known for exaggeration, claims that it is “The Best City in the Americas.”  Still a brazenly bold claim, made even more forcefully by the fact that all of their garbage cans say it.  What really bugs me is that our mayor has made quite a large investment in our city’s trash receptacles lately, and yet they do not say anything like “Pittsburgh: Best City in America.”  Damn it! 

Cayey- 1

Pittsburgh- 0

"No, Bob!  Don't lick me with that fish breath."

-Tom Hardy

By Lord Johnson

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Lady Rivera said...

I've been to Cayey. And I've been to other cities in las Americas....close call.

I can't believe you didn't get arrested with that mustache....or that it is now on your driver's license....