Sunday, February 04, 2007

Year of the Bastards

‘Tis is the season for the hostile takeover. Whereas the blog’s takeover was a complete success, USAir failed to takeover Delta (losers.) But in reading the Sunday Post-Gazette I have found a new outlet for my Hostile Takeover aspirations: the Pennsylvania Legislature. Tracie Mauriello penned a fabulous article expounding all of the irresponsible spending on taxpayer dollars, and much of the compensation that these fat suits then get recouped. Bastards! Here’s a quick list of examples Mr./Ms. Mauriello (damn androgynous names) cites:

$32,000 and $20,000:
These two amounts were spent on a part-time chauffeur and then mileage compensation to the representative (That’s our tax money mind you.)

$450- Make-up for John Perzel (can anyone say Trannie!).

$7,932- for pretzels and nuts - FOR ONE GUY- Sam Smith- (he loves nuts, apparently).

$62,600- public service announcements by two guys.

$6,322, $12,730, and $863:
These three amounts are all individual MEALS. I may not be too savvy but that seems like a lot for some freedom fries.

Now the real tragedy is highlighted at the end of the article.

Legislators get catered lunches served every legislative day, and dinners are catered too, if sessions run late. Then they get all of these Lobbyist sponsored meals, and free meals in the Caucus rooms (maybe they should be called ‘cock-us’ rooms.) But these same fat heads get reimbursed approximately $126-$165 a day for food and lodging! I’ve been to Harrisburg. You can get a room at Days Inn for $39.95 a night. That means they are pocketing all of this taxpayer money. And these same ankle-biters tried to vote themselves a pay raise last year. I think a blood vessel in my head is about to burst.

This all comes in addition to those craptastic bonuses that have been all over the news. Let me tell you if the Brain Trust had such poor accounting practices, I would never have kept the treasurer’s job for these long 6 months. I hope PA Clean-Sweep and those other various groups haven’t fallen asleep on the job since last election. There’s a lot more change that needs doing. I have two words: Hostile Takeover.


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Kara said...

I don't know Captain Blackbeard, seems a bit too serious . . .

evan said...

Who is this jerkass leaving jerkass comments about some jerkass software that only a jerkass would download from a jerkass link in his jerkass comment? Oh crap, I said jerkass comment twice, now I look like a jerkass.


evan said...

man those fat cats in harrisburg are really sticking it to us. well, the sam smith guy and his nuts i can forgive, because i myself love nuts. all kinds of nuts, pecans, cashews, peanuts, walnuts, etc. mmmm nuts.