Saturday, February 03, 2007

Pirating the blog

Hostile takeover.

That's the only description for what has just occurred. While a rotating line-up of authors initially seemed like the best way to insure constant updates to this little gem of a website, we failed. What originally began as 1 week deadlines got pushed into month long dry spells. Whether this event is attributable to procrastination, laziness, acts of God, or peoples' inherent fear of expressing themselves in the public forum- we have been ineffective. What makes the internet so fascinating is that it is constantly revised, updated, and tended to. In this respect, we failed as well. A blog, or any website for that matter, will not get seen repeatedly if the content never changes. That in itself may be the reason why we founders of the MWBT&PC stopped coming to this semi-sacred digital domain. Well this ends it. I'm taking over. Hopefully I will be arrogant enough to force others to post and respond and what not.

I also feel that the blogs themselves have become dreadfully serious. I also intend to chage that. While passion is never to be discouraged, passion with out a bit of humor often gets ignored. Or worse turns into homicidal fundamentalism (I'm looking at you, religious peoples everywhere.) So let this new era begin.

You have been pirated.


evan said...


Kara said...

Ok, I am fine with the "hostile" takeover, HOWEVER, I think discouraging individuals from writing "serious" blogs is a huge blunder and kind of insensitive. Unfortunately, this world isn't always pretty and sometimes seriousness is unavoidable. Also, by what standards are we measuring "seriousness"? I mean, I was going to write a blog but now I am not sure if my topic of choice will be considered too serious . . .

Lord Johnson said...

No, no don't be foolish. The wide variety of Blogging approaches is to be greatly encouraged. I only meant to affirm that writing a blog does not necessarily have to be research intensive, and can be written about things in pure rant mode. (see Year of the Bastards.) I never meant to imply anything that should be taken personally.

My intention is to stir up interest again in the blog, and the Pipe Club in general. I encourage your contributions.