Wednesday, December 05, 2007


The Mt. Washington Brain Trust & Pipe Club has spent most of its spring/fall break discussing possible changes to their mission.

The initial idea was to change into the Mt. Washington Brawn Trust. There was some argument over whether the spelling should be Brawn or Braun, and ultimately Brawn was chosen because there was fear that using Braun would lead people to believe we were some sort of tribute to Hitler's long time mistress Eva Braun.

The Brawn Trust never took flight because of the inherent laziness of the group and the Captain's general disdain for exercise in any form.

Recently the Pipe Club considered becoming a pipe smoking and whiskey drinking club after several of the members (and one former member who shall remain nameless, Tom) polished off several bottles of Scotch. There was a debate surrounding the best form of whiskey that has yet to be decided, but there are tentative plans for the great whiskey contest of '08 where Scotch whiskey, Irish whiskey, and Bourbon will all face off in hopes of becoming the Pipe Club's preferred form of whiskey. When the results are tallied, we'll be sure to post them.

The main problem with focusing solely on pipe smoking and whisky drinking is that our beloved Mount will no longer be the focal point of the group. Some sort of happy medium must be achieved so that the sacred domain continues to be the beneficiary of the Pipe Club's efforts.


Pipe Von Pipenstein

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